Level up your Caribbean experience! The best way to travel easily to/from west indies islands relax and safely is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a helicopter charter flights to the most beautiful and paradisiac Caribbean destinations. Able to answer to a hurry request and take a last-minute reservation, contact us to find your slot.
    Enjoy fun and exclusive day escapes to unearth neighboring islands. Fly over the sea to delight in the magic of Anguilla for playing golf, for an amazing dive to Saba, or ride to Montserrat for hiking on the volcanoes. Get in touch with our booking team to find the bespoke idea who will improve your trip.
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    Take a seat and let’s go for an unforgettable scenic flight for a discovery of the most beautiful landscapes seen by the sky. Fly away to a panoramic sightseeing flight above the lush mountains and fly over the blue shores with West Indies Helicopters. And if you are lucky, you may catch sight of some whales, turtles or dolphins …

who are we ?

West Indies Helicopters is a company based in St Martin, French West Indies.

We are selling panoramic tours and west indies island to island charter flights. Save time and travel fun, we will take care of you. We offer to travel quickly, relax and safe for an exceptional private helicopter charter. We also provide a lot of unique and personalized escapades like golf day at Anguilla or Nevis, a day trip to Saba…



Another main offer of West Indies Helicopters is sightseeing flight tours. St Martin-St Maarten, St Barth, Anguilla … choose your scenic tour and let’s go for an unforgettable panoramic excursion. Enjoy the amazing view from the sky.

West Indies Helicopters can also organize various aerial work, such as : aerial pictures, filming, lifting, sights spotting, animal transport, special express delivery, advertising, air conditioning block carry …

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