Our flights to Saba from St Barthelemy
Flight time : 16 minutes

Discover Saba, a small and lush volcanic island that you can reach after only 16 minutes helicopter flight time from St Barth.

Your landing will be at Juancho E. Yrausquin airport where the runway is the shortest commercial one of the world. Like to land in St Barts, plane pilots must do a special training before allowed to land there. Really sweeter and easier, It’s not a problem when traveling by helicopter. That’s why helicopter flight is the best way to join Saba.

The best way to travel easily relax and safely inter islands is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a tailored helicopter charter flights between Caribbean islands all year long.

Saba is a dreaming place for the lovers of diving and volcanoes’s hiking. Created ages ago by flow of lava during a volcanic eruption, the underwater relief around Saba is full of surprises.

The traditional style of the cottages with wooden walls painted white and red roof has been preserved up to this day. You will feel here an authentic caribbean soul.



Try a new trip experience and enjoy our unique and private helicopter service. You will also benefit to take sight on the magic Caribbean scenery during your flight.
From 1 to 5 passengers, our AS 350 B2 helicopter provide a comfortable configuration with a high visibility due to the big windows to have a full view all around.

West Indies Helicopters provide a private charter service fully bespoke. We are adapting our helicopter flight to the time to suit you. Our helicopter service allows a big flexibility of travelling.

For a last-minute trip or for a long-time scheduled reservation, feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our flights.