Our flights to St Thomas from St Barthelemy
Flight time : 65 minutes

Fly from French West Indies to United States Virgin Island.
Check our flights to St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Gateway to the Virgin Islands of the United States, in the Caribbean Sea, the island of Saint Thomas is famous for its beaches and diving spots. Charlotte Amalie, charming capital, is full of colonial architecture and Danish pirates legends. Feel a thrill at Blackbeard Castle and climb the famous 99 steps built from the bricks of 18th century Danish vessels.

How to get St Thomas? Do you know that you can travel to St Thomas from St Barts by helicopter?
West Indies Helicopters provide a private charter service fully bespoke for safe and comfortable flights to St Thomas and many other US Virgin Islands.

Travel between Caribbean islands is no more a problem. Level up your experience and be freer, travel at your convenience with West Indies Helicopters.

Efficiency of travelling island to island, West Indies Helicopters rides provide a level of flexibility than planes and allows to travel easily the neighboring islands.
For a one way or round trip, whatever your requirements, you can fly when you want.



West Indies Helicopters offer a full personalized and private helicopter charter.

Our AS 350 B2 helicopter is fit out of comfortable five seats which allow to fly with your family and large compartments to receive your luggage. Flying with us is a high-level lifestyle experience.

For your comfort, our helicopters are fit out of latest technology wireless noise reducer headset. You can choose to listen your own music or to talk together and share your emotions!

The best way to travel quietly and safely to/from St Thomas is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a tailored helicopter charter flights between many Caribbean islands all year long.

Add more style to your escape to St Thomas with a unique heli-adventure.

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