Our flights to St Kitts - from St Martin Grand Case
Flight time : 29 minutes

Welcome to St Kitts.
For diving, yachting, wellness, casino or playing golf, discover the many St Kitts treasures.

How to get St Kitts? You can reach the island by helicopter.
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St. Kitts was named "Liamuiga" by the Kalinago Indians who inhabited it. This name, roughly translated into English, means "fertile land", a testimony of an island rich in volcanic soil and thus productive.

The island of St Kitts is famous for its wooded mountains and beaches of white, gray and black sand. On the south-west coast are Basseterre, the capital, and Georgian buildings dating from the colonial era. In the heart of Basseterre, Circus Square, inspired by Piccadilly Circus (London), includes a Victorian clock tower.



The islands of St Kitts and Nevis are somewhat off the Caribbean tourist routes and therefore never overloaded with tourists.

Nevis & St Kitts are unique in the Eastern Caribbean region for their remarkable preservation of Caribbean culture and their remains. The sister islands are also different from each other. St Kitts is more cosmopolitan and livelier, while Nevis, smaller in area is also quieter and quiet. Find beautiful examples of colonial architecture as well as fabulous hostels and true Caribbean hospitality with a touch of Rasta culture.

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