Our flights to Anguilla from St Maarten PJIA - Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM)
Flight time: 8 minutes

Book your helicopter flight to Anguilla. Do you know that big planes of international flights can’t land at Clayton J.Loyd airport? You want access directly from your plane at SXM Princess Juliana airport to a connection for quick transfer to your final at Anguilla?

The best way to travel relax and safely to Anguilla is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a tailored helicopter charter flights between many Caribbean islands all year long.

West Indies Helicopters provide a private charter service fully bespoke. We are adapting our helicopter ride to your commercial or private plane landing at PJIA – Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). No need to wait more time for a regular plane or take the risk of getting sick due to a nasty boat transfer, you are directly transferred to our helicopter for your fast transfer to Anguilla.



Let us know your connecting flight, we will adapt our schedule to save you more time as possible and connect your helicopter ride directly from your commercial flight at SXM Princess Juliana airport.

Less than 8 minutes of helicopter ride to join Anguilla airport and enjoy unbelievable blue shores views. Travel safe and fun to one of the most beautiful west indies islands for a golf course or to discover the wonderful beaches and have good times on the luxurious hotels that Anguilla hold. Prickly Pear, Sandy Island, Little bay, Shoal Bay and Island Harbour are the Anguilla’s five marine parks famous for underwater diving.

Efficiency of travelling island to island, West Indies Helicopters rides provide a level of flexibility and style than planes … For a one way or round trip, whatever your requirements, you can fly to your bespoke timetable to suit you.