Our flights to/from St Barts
Flight time : 11 minutes

Welcome to paradise island.

International flights don’t land on St Barts. The easiest way to get there is to fly to Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA – SXM) and then there take a local charter flight.

And did you know that you can travel to St Barts by helicopter?
Save your time to enjoy your holidays, travel faster with West Indies Helicopters and fly over the magic of Caribbean Sea.

You are afraid to land on one of the most dangerous tracks in the world? our helicopter service may be the best option to come smoothly to St Barts (SBH).

West Indies Helicopters provide a private charter service fully bespoke. We are adapting our flight to your commercial or private plane landing at Princess Juliana International Airport. No need to wait for a scheduled time plane, you are directly transferred to our helicopter for your fast transfer to St Barts.

Take it easy! Our rates are including a VIP meet and greet at your arrival or for your departure at PJIA - SXM airport. Our agent handles you directly to/from your connecting flight (personal assistance to/from the gate, escort thru security, baggage assistance, re-boarding for connecting flight …).
Level up your trip experience and enjoy our unique and private helicopter service.



The best way to travel easily relax and safely inter islands is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a tailored helicopter charter flights all year long.

Take a seat for an exceptional privatized flight and take a sight to the view above Gustavia harbor. You will fly over the most beautiful yachts of the world who meet here during the winter and organize famous parties.

After a 10 minutes flight, your dedicated butler is waiting for you at Remy de Haenen airport (SBH) to drop you at your hotel or your villa.

Our helicopter is outfit of large compartments to be sure to travel with your luggage and prevent that arriving later than you. And even if you have too much bags or oversize ones, we can organize a bagages charter.

If you travel with your animal, pets are welcome on board whatever their weight.

Check with us the availability and choose your schedule to suit you. For one way or for a roundtrip, whatever your requirements, we will answer to your bespoke timetable.

Efficiency, swiftness and safety, travel by helicopter is always a good idea. Add more style to your trip to Saint Barthelemy, fly with West Indies Helicopters.

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