Saba is a small and lush volcanic island who raise up at 877 meters above the sea.

You can touch down Saba after 15 minutes helicopter flight time from St Barths, 20 minutes from St Martin / St Maarten and 28 minutes from Anguilla. That’s why it’s easy to organize a trip to Saba for a day.

The traditional style of the cottages with wooden walls painted white and red roof has been preserved up to this day. Walk around is a pleasure and you will feel here an authentic caribbean soul.

Your landing will be at Juancho E. Yrausquin airport where the runway is the shortest commercial one of the world. Plane pilots must do a special training before allowed to land there. Really sweeter and easier, It’s not a problem when traveling by helicopter.

Saba is a dreaming place for the lovers of diving and hiking. Created ages ago by flow of lava during a volcanic eruption, the underwater relief around Saba is full of surprises: slopes, pinnacles, canyons and caves … You will appreciate the shallower sites to follow the movement of one or more sea turtles in a landscape of coral. Saba is an ideal spot for the sea fans.

If you prefer a hiking ride, you will be not disappointed here.
A dozen well-marked trails await those who like hike. The most popular, Mount Scenery Stairway, starts at the entry of the village of Windwardside. Elfin Trail is a oldest who follow the historic paths once used by earlier generations who farmed the mountain’s slopes. Next to the airport, a small trail leads to the natural pools, feds by the waves lapping against the shores. Or try another original trail to leads to discover a Sulphur mine.

You understood that there is a lot of activities to do in the island of Saba. So, you can let us know what your wishes for this day trip and we are manage all the booking you will need with a guide.
You choose the timetable to suit you and we are creating a bespoke unforgettable day trip for you.

If you prefer, we can drop you in the morning and pick up you at the end of day and let you the freedom to discover this amazing island at your own pace. Therefore, we can also just book your roundtrip flight to Saba at the timetable that you have decided. You will be back at your hotel for the diner.

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