Our flights to Point a Pitre from St Barthelemy
Flight time : 70 minutes

Guadeloupe pole caraïbes airport is an international airport serving Pointe a Pitre who is receiving a lot of long-haul flights from Europe.
Guadeloupe which is located in the middle of the Caribbean can serve many islands around.

West Indies Helicopters provide a private charter service fully bespoke. We are adapting our helicopter flight to your commercial or private plane landing at Pôle Caraïbes – Pointe a Pitre le Raizet Airport. No need to wait for a scheduled time plane, you are directly transferred to our helicopter for your fast flight to St Barts.

West Indies Helicopters offers to fly to the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean and can make connections with almost all the airports of the aera.

Take it easy! Our rates are including a VIP meet and greet at your arrival or for your departure at Pôle Caraïbes International airport. For a smooth stopover our agent assists you directly to/from your connecting flight and take care of your baggage and your check in (personal assistance to/from the gate, escort thru security, baggage assistance, re-boarding for connecting flight …).



Level up your trip experience and enjoy our unique and private helicopter service. You will also benefit to take sight on the wonderful and unforgettable Caribbean landscapes during your flight.
Our AS 350 B2 helicopter is the perfect aircraft with a configuration comfortable with a high visibility due to the big windows to have a full view all around.

The best way to travel easily relax and safely to catch an international plane at Guadeloupe Pointe a Pitre airport is to board one of our helicopters. West Indies Helicopters offer a tailored helicopter charter flights between many Caribbean islands all year long.

West Indies Helicopters is also able to answer to some hurry request and take last minute reservations, contact us organize a peacefully trip.